About Us

The Bastini company founded in 2000 in Tallinn (Estonia), began the activity as the company-shipchandler. During the years of our activity we have successfully established business relationships with shipowners and suppliers, were able to identify our strengths and take a worthy place in the sphere of our activity. Today the company is one of the largest distributor centers in Estonia which works in the sphere of the electrotechnical equipment (marine and industrial purpose).
It was decided to establish a representative office in the Russian Federation in 2012 and St. Petersburg was chosen as a dislocation place, thanks to what we can carry out delivery of goods to any port of the Russian Federation and the European Union.
The company offers the wide range of the electrotechnical equipment directly from leading European producers for sea vessels, the ship-building and ship-repair enterprises, ranging from batteries, fuses, marine cables to light bulbs of all types and sizes.

Commercial presence