About Us


Precious metals tell the story of Time. They speak of power, passion and devotion. These powerful qualities live on in every piece of work forged by the masters devoted to their craft and materials. It is unparalleled dedication which passes on that same story. A commitment like no other. It is creation of love that is going to last forever.


The story of every piece of jewellery is told by its details. The goal of our masters is to allow every detail to share that story through its beauty, material, strength and durability. The first stage in creating any piece of work comes down to a skilled and considered decision taking all possible options for the design into account. Only from there can the piece obtain its true form through the combined skills of masterful craftsmen and gilt-edged technology. Our final product is packaged in a way which adds an additional touch of elegance.


It is human devotion that gives every piece of jewellery its true value. We take special care to incorporate traditional and time-proven methods into every step of the 21st century production line. The superb quality of enamels and the layer-rich structure of badges show the commitment and time devoted to each piece of work.

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